Putting Your Business’s Strengths into Words

You know that what your business offers is valuable, but putting that into words isn’t easy. A good freelance copywriter knows that crafting an effective marketing message takes skill, education, and experience in copywriting and marketing, as well as patience and a dedication to excellence.

I can help. Let me get the word out about your company, what makes it special, and why people should buy from or hire you. I write press releases, home page copy, online sales letters, feature articles, blog posts, brochures, and print ads. I’m also a skilled copy editor who can increase your copy’s readability while maintaining its unique voice.

Here’s what my clients are saying about my work:

“For the past two years Janet Beatrice has served as publicist in charge of external communication at First Parish of Stow and Acton and has done an excellent job. She’s a skilled writer and has established a reliable contacts with local media. Janet is  very dependable and always meets deadlines.

“When you first meet Janet  she seems quiet and unassuming  but don’t let this fool you .  She knows how to do her job and does it well.   She’s very skilled in getting your message out and works well with other people.” – Rev. Tom Rosiello, minister of First Parish Church of Stow & Acton

“Thanks to my copywriter, Janet Beatrice, and her impeccable rewrites of my initial draft, the VIP sales page generated over 100 applications. Since I only have room for 25, I’ll be combing through each application, making followup calls and deciding on the final list of clients over the next several days . . . Let me be a bit more specific: if I do my job and keep each of those clients happy, simple math tells me that I’ll be taking in nearly $150,000 just from consulting via webinars and teleconferences thanks to a well-crafted sales page.” – Mike Corso

“Our conversion rate has tripled since we implemented your changes! It is hard to determine what makes visitors become buyers, but you must have a very good understanding of that.” – Kim Hildreth

“I admit I was a bit skeptical after our previous experience with a different copywriter — skeptical that anyone will be able to understand exactly what we want and follow our guidelines, but your sales letter exceeded my expectations.” – Beatrice Zornek

If you’d like to find out more about how I can help you get more clients, just drop me a line at janet@janetbeatrice.com or call me at 978-897-5444 to set up a free consultation.

To your success!

Janet Beatrice