About Janet

My name is Janet Beatrice and I’m a freelance marketing copywriter. I love to write, and I love using writing to communicate my clients’ strengths to their clients and customers. Your strengths, conveyed with my concise, reader-friendly copy, will let your potential clients or customers quickly see why they should hire or purchase from you.

Over the past 20 years, I’ve written and distributed over 100 press releases; written and revised website copy; edited software manuals, aerospace brochures, and proposals; written construction newsletters; and written news and feature articles as well as humor columns for at least half a dozen local newspapers.

I’m also a certified professional coach. My training taught me to ask great questions that have had clients giving answers they didn’t even know were in their head until they said them out loud. They’re the kinds of questions that can help you get clear on just how compelling a particular benefit is to your clients or customers. Once you get that clarity, I can communicate it to them in your print or online marketing materials.

Feel free to contact me at 978-897-5444 or janet@janetbeatrice.com to discuss your writing needs at no obligation.