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You could find yourself out hundreds, even thousands of dollars if your TV screen is damaged. It happened to me; don’t let it happen to you.

I never realized how vulnerable plasma and LCD televisions were until I found out the hard way. See that little boy to the right? That’s my son Sean. Pretty cute, huh? Hard to get mad at.

I have to admit, I was pretty mad when he threw his toy fire truck at our new $1800 television and broke the screen. The TV didn’t work at all. It was worthless.

Turns out LCD and plasma TVs break very easily. In fact, thousands break each year!

Warranties won’t cover it.

Think your warranty has you covered? Read the fine print. Mine didn’t help a bit, and my television was only 8 months old.

Our TV screen protector could save you thousands of dollars.

After I shelled out more cash for a new TV (ouch!), I went out and got some Plexiglas and created a homemade TV screen protector. I was determined not to let this happen again.

My solution worked so well that a friend and I decided to create a marketable version.

Just what is a TV screen protector?

It’s a crystal-clear acrylic shield that protects your TV from flying objects such as toys, Wii controllers, balls, etc., as well as marks, scratches, and splashes.

TV Armor is proven to protect your investment.

We tested variations on our design until we’d created the most effective TV screen protector possible.

  • At ¼” thick, TV Armor is sturdy enough to protect your TV, but not thick enough to distort your television picture.
  • TV Armor maintains the sharp, clear vivid quality of your high definition TV.
  • TV Armor is scratch-resistant and easy to clean.
  • Plasma TVs give off harmful UV rays. Our TV screen protectors block up to 92% of all Ultra Violet light in the UVA/UVB and some of the UVC spectrums.
  • Velcro straps make installation easy.
  • Felt pad spacers provide a cushion between the TV screen protector and the TV, protecting your television and allowing your screen protector to flex and absorb the impact of flying objects.
  • We offer the lowest shipping costs possible. When you place an order, we automatically calculate, in real time, the lowest cost charged by our shipping carrier to your location. We also use custom boxes to reduce package weight.

You risk nothing

You’re protected by our 30-day Unconditional Money Back Guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with your TV screen protector, for any reason, just let us know by calling 1-800-890-xxxx. We’ll set up a return and offer a full refund, less shipping charges.

Without TV Armor, you risk irreparable damage to your high definition, LCD or plasma TV. Don’t let your television remain vulnerable to marks, splashes and cracks another day. Visit our Buy TV Armor page now, before it slips your mind. You’ll be relieved you did.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me, Mike ______, at 1-800-890-xxxx or

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