Below are links to PDF files of three long-form sales letters I wrote for three very different clients. I’ve also included a screen shot of the PPP sales letter web page.

Web Traffic Sales Letter

This was written for Mike Corso of Cool Site of the Day, who blogged  “…I’ll be taking in nearly $150,000 thanks to Janet Beatrice’s well-crafted sales page.”

Download (PDF, 155KB)

Prosperity Partnership Program (PPP) Sales Letter

The PPP letter has a very different tone and voice. It advertised a program to help people use the Law of Attraction effectively. Here’s a screen shot:

online sales letter

And here’s the copy I sent my client:

Download (PDF, 201KB)

Fetch Boy Fetch Sales Letter

The Fetch Boy Fetch letter promoted an e-book that teaches people to train their dogs:

Download (PDF, 141KB)