Photo Frenzy Email

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Photo Frenzy Email

It’s almost summer, time for fun and sun, surf and sand. Don’t you wish it could last forever? Even if summer can’t, your memories of it can, when you capture them on digital camera. We recommend the Canon Powershoot or the Nikon Coolpix. Both have at least 5 megapixels, ensuring crisp, clear photos. Add a 2 GB memory card and you’ll never miss a great shot because you ran out of space.

Now don’t just leave them on your PC! Shutterfly will develop them into 4 x 6” photos. If you’d rather do it yourself, HP’s Photosmart photo printer is a great buy. It comes with an HP 57 Tri-Color InkJet Print Cartridge and an HP 58 Photo InkJet Print Cartridge, but consider getting extras, so you’ll be prepared when they need to be replaced. You’ll also need 4” x 6” Premium Gloss White Photo Paper.

Keep those great memories in a photo album, where they won’t get lost in envelopes and boxes. Or if you’re the creative type, try the Unforgettable Moments! Vacation Scrapbook Kit.

Summer is a time to relax and let go. You won’t have to think much about building up your savings when you buy your digital photo supplies through BondRewards. We’ll just add those BondDollars to your account while you lounge at the beach, taking fun family photos. Enjoy!