I have dozens of press releases under my belt. Most were written for nonprofits, including the River’s Edge Arts Alliance and First Parish Church of Stow & Acton (FPC). The River’s Edge Arts Alliance provides a wide variety of arts and arts education programs for all ages. FPC offers a range of community programs that include spiritual services, human service programs, educational programs, and concerts.

New Church Youth Coordinator

When FPC hired Paul Spanagel as the youth coordinator for its religious education program, I wrote a press release and submitted it to several local newspapers. The Beacon-Villager immediately published it online:

FPC Welcomes New Youth Coordinator Paul Spanagel

Guest Table Community Supper

This press release announced FPC’s new community supper and resulted in a cover page story with the local paper. I needed to communicate that FPC welcomed anyone for any reason and minimize any stigma attached to enjoying the supper, so the press release includes several reasons to dine at Guest Table, including but not limited to financial difficulties.

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Black Lives Matter Banner

It was essential that I handle this controversial topic with sensitivity, and based on the positive feedback from the congregation (one parishioner even phoned me to tell me how happy she was with the press release), I succeeded.

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Costume Parade

I wrote this press release for a local nonprofit learning center and maker space that integrates arts with academics. Each year, it offers a costume parade at local farmer market’s season opening.

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Atwater-Donnelly Concert

This was one of many performances offered by the River’s Edge Arts Alliance in conjunction with the city of Marlborough, MA.

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