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Uncover your truest, deepest, most peaceful self – the self that innately recognizes and responds to the power of Sacred Geometry.

Your deepest self responds to Sacred Geometry and knows its healing power.

My name is Nicolaas Maritz, and I’m here to offer you that power.

I offer two services:

  • First, I create Sacred Geometry art. These are copper and crystal healing art sculptures based on Sacred Geometry patterns, and unusual photo prints of those sculptures. I add a unique element to the prints to enhance their effectiveness, one that you will not find in other Sacred Geometry art. But more about that later . . .
  • Second, I offer spiritual life coaching, using the power of Sacred Geometry to help you transcend your ego and find true peace and deep joy.

Why Sacred Geometry?

Viewing Sacred Geometry healing art raises your vibration, enhancing your awareness that you create your reality, while helping you create a better reality. But many techniques make this claim. Why is Sacred Geometry different?

You’ve probably heard about right brain and left brain. The right brain is said to be creative, while the left brain is logical.

When you meditate, use Law of Attraction techniques, or other metaphysical techniques, you’re using your right brain but not your left. During a metaphysical experience, your right brain can clearly understand how beneficial these techniques are, while your left brain isn’t paying much attention.

Later, when you rely on your memory of the metaphysical experience, your logical left brain kicks in and tells you it was merely pleasant. If only it had been more involved in the experience, your left brain might not be so skeptical!

As a result, you minimize the power of the experience. This hampers its effectiveness and lessens your commitment to continue.

You can harmonize your left and right brain.

Sacred Geometry, with its lines and angles, involves the left brain as well as the right. This whole-brain involvement causes you to more deeply integrate this spiritual technique. This makes it more effective than other techniques as well as a wonderful enhancement to those other techniques.

My photography method takes this a step further.

My healing art prints are photos of my sculptures. But they are no ordinary photos!

First, the copper sculptures themselves contain high energetic frequencies, partly because they are created as Sacred Geometry patterns and partly because copper is a superconductive metal. I often add clear quartz crystals, which also carry a high frequency.

I photograph the sculptures in the dark. These photos capture the frequency of the light waves.

I then use software to turn the photos into stereograms (3D images), and I saturate them with color, as each color contains a frequency that corresponds to one of the seven main chakras.

Because the images are stereograms, when viewed through 3D glasses*, they further stimulate both sides of the brain as your eyes work together to make sense of the image. Each eye corresponds to the opposite side of your brain (i.e., information from the right eye goes to the left brain and vice versa).

This causes an even deeper integration of the two sides of the brain.

For best effect, you should meditate on your print for 10 to 15 minutes each day. This can be done with or without 3D glasses.

I invite you to enjoy this site

Please explore this website, where you can view my art gallery of sculptures, tools, and prints, and learn more about my spiritual coaching, in which I use Sacred Geometry as a tool for healing and manifesting.

You may contact me for more information at or by phoning +27-82-444-xxxx.

In love and light,


* You can learn to make 3D glasses (also known as anaglyph glasses) here or purchase them here.