Testimonials for press releases, long-form sales letters, home page copy, and editing:

Press Releases/Publicity

“For the past two years Janet has served as publicist in charge of external communication at First Parish of Stow and Acton and has done an excellent job. She’s a skilled writer and has established a reliable contacts with local media. Janet is  very dependable and always meets deadlines.

“When you first meet Janet  she seems quiet and unassuming  but don’t let this fool you .  She knows how to do her job and does it well.   She’s very skilled in getting your message out and works well with other people.”

Rev. Tom Rosiello, minister
First Parish Church of Stow & Acton

Long-Form Online Sales Letters

“When I launched my Cool Site of the Day VIP coaching program a couple of weeks ago, I figured I had room for 25 clients and that I’d fill those slots within 4-6 weeks. My copywriter had other thoughts.

“Later today I will be closing the VIP program. Thanks to my copywriter, Janet Beatrice, and her impeccable rewrites of my initial draft, the VIP sales page generated over 100 applications. Since I only have room for 25, I’ll be combing through each application, making followup calls and deciding on the final list of clients over the next several days.

“Make no mistake, Janet took a draft of my main VIP sales page and absolutely supercharged it.

“Let me be a bit more specific: if I do my job and keep each of those clients happy, simple math tells me that I’ll be taking in nearly $150,000 just from consulting via webinars and teleconferences thanks to a well-crafted sales page.

“I suspect that, say, with a list of 40, I will have a waiting list that will allow me to have a steady stream of clients as current clients reach their goals and move on or perhaps hire me for more services ($500 a month isn’t much if clients follow my advice

“Bottom line: Janet’s letter was so effective that I wonder if I could ever put up another web page without her ‘OK’.”

Mike Corso
Cool Site of the Day

“I admit I was a bit skeptical after our previous experience with a different copywriter — skeptical that anyone will be able to understand exactly what we want and follow our guidelines, but your sales letter exceeded my expectations.”

Beatrice Zornek
Fetch Boy Fetch

Home Page Copy

“Our conversion rate has tripled since we implemented your changes! It is hard to determine what makes visitors become buyers, but you must have a very good understanding of that.

“It was so helpful to have you really examine every page of our ‘home-made’ web site, and to offer so many helpful suggestions and re-writes for us. You were such a great help in finding and correcting our errors. You were never heavy-handed, and always understood that our site was ‘our baby.’ You are an excellent writer, and after working with you, consider you a great ‘long-distance’ friend. Again, thank you.”

Kim, Linzy, and Delaney Hildreth


“I don’t know that I could have completed my ABCs of Balance newsletter without your help. I knew I could just write it and if anything wasn’t right, you’d catch it and fix it. With both my home page and my newsletter, you did a lovely job of connecting with the audience with your friendly, accessible tone, and your edits maintained the integrity of my voice all the way through.”

Carla Kimball, Public Speaking Consultant
RiverWays Enterprises